Video: A family is flabbergasted to discover their pet ‘dog’ is actually a fox

A Peruvian family is shocked to realize that their pet, which they thought was a puppy, is actually a little fox.

When you welcome a new dog, you never know how he will behave, if he will be calm, affectionate, mischievous or very curious; however, you are sure to know what kind of animal it is, but a family in Peru was surprised to discover that their new pet is actually a small fox.

The Sotelo family, originally from Lima, Peru, went to a downtown pet store to look for a dog. They then fell in love  with an adorable little puppy, and they thought it was an adorable dog.

Little Run Run arrived at the Sotelo’s home in June this year, but at the time the family had no idea what the animal’s true nature was.

A family is stunned to discover that their pet ‘dog’ is actually a fox

However, Run Run seemed like a normal dog, as he played with the other dogs in the neighborhood without any problems. But as time passed and he began to grow, it became very clear that something was wrong with little Run Run’s behavior.

Soon, the Sotelo family began to receive several complaints from their neighbors as Run Run began chasing chickens and ducks in the neighborhood. But not only did he chase them, but he chased them away and then ate them, and all the neighbors were furious at his wild behavior.

Then, the Sotelo family began to suspect that their beloved Run Run might not be the adorable dog they thought he was. Upon investigation, they realized that Run Run is actually an Andean fox, a species that has slender legs, a furry tail, and large ears.

Complaints continued to pour in, with one woman claiming Run Run ate three of her little guinea pigs. Unsurprisingly, the Sotelo family had to compensate all the owners of the animals Run Run mistook for food.

Maribel had no choice and decided to call the country’s National Forest and Wildlife Service because she needed professional help.

Unfortunately , that same day, Run Run ran away from home and they couldn’t find him, so they started searching. Maribel only asked the authorities to catch the little fox and bring him back to his natural habitat, because his behavior is costing him money.

Recently, a video uploaded to TikTok, shows that authorities finally found little Run Run and were able to catch him. Now agents from the Peruvian wildlife service will take him to a local zoo where they will teach him everything he needs to survive in the wild.

Undoubtedly, this incredible incident managed to catch everyone’s attention. But authorities say it’s not the people’s fault, as many traffickers in Peru capture wild animals and then sell them .

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