Top 10 money-saving tips: Here’s how to save money

Top 10 money-saving tips: Here’s how to save money


Have you ever wondered how to save money when you are already saving everywhere? There are a few tricks that help thrifty people learn something extra and can be easily integrated into daily life. In this article, you will not only discover the tricks that allow you to save money, but also those that you can do without.

10 tips and tricks to save every day

  1. Do not make reservations

People who want to save money should not stock up for two reasons:
1. Jumbo packs or economy packs are often not cheaper than regular sizes.
2. When we have large reserves, we waste when we use them.

  1. Artificial shortage

Since you need a small stock of everyday consumables like toilet paper, you should use a trick not to waste unnecessarily: create an artificial shortage by hiding spare rolls out of sight (e.g. in a pantry that is not in the bathroom).

  1. Dry the razor blades

Razor blades rust and dulls quickly because they come into regular contact with water. To make them last longer, you should wipe them down after each use.

  1. Cut the toothpaste tubes

To recover the last remnants of toothpaste, simply cut the tube. In the same way, you can also fully use hand creams, for example.

  1. Use leftover lipstick

When lipstick is almost used up, it’s hard to reach for leftovers. A good solution for this is to scoop out the leftover lipstick tube using a spatula or toothpick and transfer it to an empty lip balm tube or another small box ( which can be purchased in pharmacies, for example). For application, you can use a small makeup brush.

  1. Avoid food waste

Even if you pay attention to the price when shopping, food can be expensive. And this is because we throw away a large part of it. According to the Ecological Transition Agency, each American person throws away around 20 kg of food per year.

Here’s how to avoid food waste:

  • Buy only the amount you can consume
  • Ensure adequate storage
  • Only throw away food that is damaged ( the expiry date has only a limited value )
  1. Store bottles and containers upside down

You can store bottles and containers upside down that cannot be cut for full use. This applies, for example, to ketchup and mayonnaise bottles, but also shampoo and shower gel packaging.

  1. Put the candles in the freezer

Candles burn more slowly if they have been placed in the freezer or freezer beforehand. However, the flame being smaller, it is possible that the candle does not burn completely. Try one candle first rather than the whole package.

  1. Not studying promotions

Many people swear by the shopping flyers of discounters, because they find there, for example, branded products at reduced prices. However, in most cases, a discounted branded product is still more expensive than a non-branded product. Plus, you run the risk of buying things you don’t need, just because the price is appealing to you.

Instead of scouring deals every week, only check them out when you’re looking for something specific. Indeed, for larger purchases such as a mattress or a television, promotions can be useful.

It can certainly be annoying to always have to watch your expenses, but it is worth changing your habits. In the following articles, you will find even more tips and tricks that will help you save money every day.

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