These 26 tips will help you move just a little more

These 26 tips will help you move just a little more

These 26 tips will help you move just a little more

You probably knew that exercising has physical benefits. In addition, it has a positive effect on health and reduces the risk of, for example, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and cancer. Research shows that it also has a positive effect on self-confidence and self-esteem. All the more reason to start moving more now.

Good emotional well-being

The benefits of good emotional well-being are mainly noticeable in children and young people, but positive effects can also be measured in adults. The physical activities offered at schools, such as PE lessons, contribute to higher satisfaction with life. Exercise has a positive influence on emotional disorders, and it has the same effect as antidepressants. The substance that is released during exercise is called serotonin, and that ensures a feeling of happiness and self-confidence. Exercise releases serotonin, but its production is stimulated by tryptophan. You get tryptophan by eating bananas, oatmeal, turkey, chicken, seeds, and oily fish that are rich in vitamin B12. Exercise improves the body’s ability to deal with anxiety and stress. Some studies even claim that it can counteract anxiety and stress.

Influence on the character

Your character can also receive a big boost through sports. It has a positive effect on your self-control, social skills, enthusiasm, and assertiveness.

Sports make you smarter

Exercise leads to an increase in blood flow to the brain, which stimulates brain development. Cognitive tasks in particular are affected by this. This includes reading, writing, learning, or reasoning. The more you move, the better you can perform the above tasks later in life. I give you 26 tips to move extra so that your self-confidence gets a big boost!

These 26 tips to move just a little more

  1. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Even when you have to be on floor three.
  2. Take your children to school by bike instead of by car. You may lose a little more time, but this way you get extra exercise and you set a healthy and good example.
  3. Take a little lunchtime walk. We are not productive for hours on end, our brain simply cannot do that. Take a break and take a walk outside with your colleagues or alone. This stimulates the brain and who knows, you might suddenly have the solution to that difficult problem.
  4. Take a group class at a gym near you.
  5. Take a long walk with the dog. We often want to do everything the way we’ve always done it, but your body and your dog will thank you when you make a bigger round.
  6. Don’t do everything at once. Lifting as much as possible, so that you only have to walk once, you will not do that from now on. Just walk twice.
  7. Do some extra vacuuming or cleaning.
  8. Organize a walking meeting.
  9. Play a game of football.
  10. Leave the car at home and walk or bike when you go out with friends on the weekend. This way you immediately compensate for any snacks and drinks, a win-win situation!
  11. Do a yoga workout before your work day starts. Within ten minutes you can start the day relaxed and you have had some exercise again.
  12. Do the shopping by bike. Well, this will probably mean going back and forth twice, but is that a problem? Think of the extra kilometers and kilocalories that you burn in this way.
  13. When you are at work and you have to go to the toilet, take a toilet that is further away. Unless you have to, of course. 😉
  14. Mow the grass or hoe your garden.
  15. You can also take a walk when visiting family or friends, instead of just sitting.
  16. Has a package been delivered to the post office? Walk or take the bike to pick it up.
  17. Are you traveling by public transport? Get off one stop earlier.
  18. Put your car less close to the door and walk a little extra.
  19. Dive into the pool for a few lengths.
  20. Don’t send your colleagues an email, but just walk up to them.
  21. Do you do your shopping at the market? Make a tour of all the stalls before you do the shopping. This way you can immediately see where the broccoli is the cheapest.
  22. In your spare time, explore nature and walk or cycle a few kilometers.
  23. Take a city walk through a beautiful city.
  24. Dance to your favorite music.
  25. Rent a canoe with the family in the nearest waters.
  26. If you work in an office, it may be common for one person to get coffee for the rest. Politely decline this and walk to the coffee machine yourself.

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