The signs that make the best couples (and lovers!) according to astrology

There are attractions or incompatibilities that exist between the signs, but the reality is much more complex and requires a more personalized theme study. 

However, some winning matches between the signs do exist! As love is not an exact science, I propose in this article the couples which are recognized by astrology as being the “best lovers”but keep in mind that there are other possible combinations and life will always decide! Psst: do not hesitate to take into account your rising sign and that of your partner as well.

Aries and Leo

They merge and are two great enthusiasts. They are just as passionate in bed! If Aries doesn’t offend Leo, they’ll be the best lovers in the world. They must clearly define their sphere of life in which they will end up (each of them) feeling happy and fulfilled.

In fact, both Leo and Aries must avoid creating conflicts of authority within the couple. The Leo likes to dominate and the Aries likes to lead, and if they find a common goal or an ideal of living together, then they will be able to live an exceptional life together and it will be imbued with sensuality and love.

Taurus and Capricorn

Beyond forming an uneventful couple since they are two Earth signs, these two lovers have reciprocal sensual and loving energies. In fact, it is above all the communion of thought and the desire to “satisfy” the other that drives their being.

It is precisely for this last reason that astrology judges that their couple can last. A good partner is always on the lookout for the sensual needs of the person he loves. He knows his strengths and his most sensitive “erotic” points. Instinctively, these two signs will prepare their night of love with great pleasure!

Gemini and Sagittarius

In bed, as lovers, they will be very complementary. They stir up each other and the level of their desire climbs dangerously! They have everything to be in love: subtlety, enthusiasm and a joyful complicity.

This couple could make many other mythical couples green with envy, as is the case for Scorpio and Pisces. The Air element here meets the Fire element and if they know how to control their personal energies well… the Air of Gemini will sustain the Fire of Sagittarius and there will only be one possible explosion: two lovers on Fire!

Cancer and Virgo

We will say of them that they were happy and had many children! This is a harmonious couple who get along well in everyday life and in bed.

These two lovers will respect each other and will do everything possible to make their relationship work. Cancer  will meet the demands of Virgo . But they must be wary of the routine that could set in on a daily basis. Unfortunately, this could extinguish their sexual ardor in the long run. Thus warned…

In summary, the Water element of Cancer feeds the Earth element of Virgo, and when the two come together, this allows for a beautiful proliferation of love!

Libra and Aquarius

They are going to lose their breath. Subtle, light, playful, they will have fun together like little crazy. In bed, these two signs will float in the air since they are two Air signs. The love games will be particularly sensual and exciting.

Both are attractive, mobile, adaptable and brilliant. They share together this light and at the same time deep side that amazes them both. Desire then rises in all its power… They will form a solid and charismatic couple.

Scorpio and Pisces

These two zodiac signs are renowned for being THE best lovers in the world. Their sensuality is mutual. When they look at each other, they are ONE. Phew!

Easy to imagine what might happen when these two lovebirds find themselves together! The complex soul of Scorpio finds itself on familiar ground with Pisces and their hooked atoms intertwine quite naturally.

These two lovers conjugate the verb “to love” all the time and they understand each other half-word!

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