The gestures of desire: 10 tips that do not lie

The body largely speaks for itself! Some gestures mark desire, others disgust. Here are some ways to decipher the body language of the other.

Do you know the 3V rule? Or 7-38-55? Enacted by Albert Mehrabian, professor emeritus of psychology at the University of California, it cuts communication into three parts: verbal, vocal, visual.

Thus, only 7% of the communication would pass by the words , against 38% by the voice and 55% by the gestures. We will therefore focus on the 93% represented by non-verbal communication.

  1. He/she looks you straight in the eyes (I said eyes). A steady gaze puts the body on alert. Either it threatens or it stimulates and excites, and I bet you can tell the difference!
  2. He/she has dilated pupils (and has not taken drugs). Our pupils retract in strong light and dilate when it is darker, but if the pupils widen when the brightness has not changed, it means that the person feels desire, even pleasure. Note that this is also true for the nostrils.
  3. He/she adopts the same postures as you. When two beings like each other and try to seduce each other, as if by a kind of magic, the gestures of one follow those of the other. And so we often find ourselves in the same position as our interlocutor. Unless, of course, the current is not flowing… So be aware of this mirror effect.
  4. He/she presents an open body. As Martine Herrmann, manager of the Agence du nonverbal, points out, gestures “half-consciously” translate our state of mind and our receptivity. If therefore your “target” (target) is closed, distant and crossed arms, it does not seem willing to welcome.
  5. He/she breaks the security perimeter. This is estimated at 45-50 cm. If he / she approaches you less than that, it is that you are interested.
  6. He/she laughs. You know the expression: “Laughing woman…” Well, it works for men too! If your humor makes the other person laugh, it’s because he likes you. Be careful, humor is not sketches or imitations, because the latter are not to everyone’s taste. 
  7. He/she brightens or softens his/her voice. It seems that a woman in love will tend to raise the sound of her voice and make it playful while a man on the contrary drops a tone in order to soften it.

8.He/she shows his/her left profile more. Or his head leans more to the left shoulder than to the        right. This means that the person leaves room for feelings, that he/she wishes to prolong the exchange… A good reason not to blame him/her if he/she is a little clumsy!

9.He/she touches his/her hair. Remember the song by Francis Cabrel: “She pulls her hair up, she hopes he guesses…” A person who caresses their hair is practicing a kind of courtship. On the other hand, if it is done frantically, it does not bode well.

10. He/she has lifted lower eyelids. Because this is often a sign of inner well-being.

Bad signs: A fidgety or shaky leg signals impatience. As for legs that cross and uncross, they try to explain that they obviously don’t know which foot to dance on.

Of course, all of this is to be interpreted with caution, it is necessary to identify several of these gestures of desire to get a real idea. The verbal must also follow the non-verbal to verify your analysis, but still, 93%…

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