The first date in love, instructions for use

Between stress and missteps, the first date is a difficult step to take in love life. We decipher everything so you don’t crash on your first date. Instructions for a successful date. Don’t worry, this first date will go like clockwork.

It may be exciting, but it must be said that the first romantic date is a little stressful too. We ask ourselves a lot of questions, from the outfit to feel good to the conversations discussed, not to mention the choice of the place to meet. Find here all the answers to your questions for a successful first romantic date .

How to prepare for the first romantic date?

Some will type the name of their date on Google, to reassure themselves. After having recorded what work he does, his number of friends on Facebook and stalked his photos on Instagram, we will obviously pretend not to have seen anything. But a bit of naturalness, allow yourself the time to discover it live before embarking on an online investigation worthy of Sherlock Holmes.

Do I text before leaving or do I go without having heard from him? Maybe he forgot me? No, that is not possible. And of course, we arrive much too early.

Calms you ! Everything will be alright. At worst, we don’t like it and we shorten the meeting. At best, we have a great time and we say to ourselves that we really stressed for nothing.

How to dress for a first date

Before the first date , many people spend time in the bathroom putting on make-up, doing their hair, getting pretty in short. If you want to have a small effect on the person you are going to meet, it is also and above all a way of having self-confidence, of feeling beautiful.

Not to mention the choice of clothes. Getting dressed for a first date is not always easy! Yes, our friends will receive some photos (even tons) of our outfit. Is it really the right one? Sexy or casual? Heels or sneakers? We all had choices that weren’t very fitting with the activity of this first meeting.

Goodbye dripping make-up for a beach outing, as well as heels if you’re not comfortable with them for a walk after a drink on the terrace. If this first meeting is interesting, he or she will quickly pass over your look.

What to do on the first date and where to go?

When is the best time to meet  ? Maybe not Thursday at after work time. The terraces and restaurants will be crowded and the atmosphere will be more drinking than dating .

By the way, let’s talk about the meeting place. The bar can be a good option for a first contact. Forget the atmosphere conducive to flirting, unless you opt for a lounge bar. If you are sure you can last the whole evening with your target, you can choose to meet at the restaurant. But hello cat if it turns out to be boring like a rainy day. 

The cinema will be perfect for a second date (or a third). Because let’s not forget that we don’t talk and we don’t see each other at the cinema… Perfect for kissing, a little less for chatting!

What to talk about on the first date?

The only thing we can’t really plan is the first date talking points. If there are a few pitfalls to avoid, such as talking about your old relationships for example, or controversial hot topics (although, if you feel like it, try!), nothing is of course forbidden.

The first five minutes are always the longest of a date … if that worries you, take over the conversation, talking about the last exhibition, and then we don’t hesitate to talk about the last expo that we did, rather than the weather.

Be yourself, feel free to scan the conversations for a polite and smooth first date, and ask her questions that really interest you. The feeling will do the rest.

First date with a man: how not to crash?

Important detail if you met your potential boyfriend on Tinder , Adopt a guy or Happn, recognize him when he arrives. For this, you can do a little ironing on your profile and memorize the photo. And don’t forget to learn his first name well. If it’s Xavier, don’t call him Roman!

It’s coming, that’s it. How do we say hello? Shaking hands is too formal. Have a hug, too boyfriend-girlfriend. Kiss ? Ok, but one, two or three?

And who pays? There’s no reason for him to invite us to this first date . So everyone pays their share.

And the end of the appointment , we talk about it? It is a kiss ? We kiss ? Do we say goodbye from afar? Keep in mind that it is better not to plan everything!

Who sends the first SMS  ? Should we wait until the next day? Or do we apply the three-day technique? Or else, we relax and we rather adopt the magic of the breezing , right?

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