“SUPER BRAIN YOGA” or Brain Yoga

“Super Brain Yoga” or Thoppukaranam in Tamil is brain yoga. It is an ancient practice that was re-popularized by Master Choa Kok Sui (the leader of the Pranic Healing movement). Explanations by Ludivine!

“Super Brain Yoga” is still practiced in temples dedicated to Ganesh (the elephant-headed God, son of Shiva and Parvati) and Varma Kalai (a South Indian martial art). Their methods are different from the one we describe below.

“Super Brain Yoga” is a dynamic yoga posture with simple and precise breaths added to a mudra.

What is a mudra? it is a gesture that one makes with his hands or the whole body. This creates an energy circuit that directs “prana – vital energy” to specific places and in this case : the brain .

Some studies have shown that “Super Brain Yoga” has beneficial effects on pathologies or diseases such as: Alzheimer’s, attention deficit, autism, senility. They showed that the Hara energy was redirected from our navel to the ovaries and especially the sense organs of the head (eyes, ears…). The energy helps nourish the brain and balance the two hemispheres. Brain yoga improves your memory, strengthens your brain, relaxes the nervous system and increases inner calm.

This exercise has long been “inflicted” on students in India to help them concentrate better and better assimilate the lessons.

On a more esoteric level, the sexual energy is said to rise up to nourish the more spiritual energy centers. It is an alchemical process capable of refining sexual desires into advanced spiritual awakenings.

Finally, if you practice celibacy, “Super Brain Yoga” helps moderate sexual urges by dispersing sexual energy throughout the body, particularly in energy centers such as the 3rd eye or the crown chakra.

Small contraindication for women : wait at least 2 days after the end of your period to practice “Super Brain Yoga” again, otherwise your cycle may be disturbed.

To start: you will need a yoga mat, a compass and possibly a pillow.

Rest the tip of your tongue behind the top of your palate.

According to tradition, stand facing East; or in the North, if you are over 50 years old.

Keep your back straight and open your legs about the same distance as your hips.

Then go pinch your right ear with your thumb and left index finger.

Take your right arm over your left arm and pinch your left ear with your thumb and index finger.

Voila, the mudra is ready and you are activating your pineal gland.

You are now ready to move into the pose by descending into Garland (Malasana) pose.

Descend into garland pose while inhaling, and come back up into your initial pose while exhaling. (Make sure to breathe deeply with your belly: inhale and take out your belly and exhale bring your belly in towards your spine).

Try to get as low as possible if you can.

The posture of the garland makes it possible to work the joints of the ankles, the knees, the hips. It also massages your digestive and reproductive system; and energizes your kidneys.

If you don’t have the flexibility to descend into garland pose, elevate your heels with a cushion or your rolled-up yoga mat.

The other option is to perform the chair position (uktanasana).

Bend your knees so that your thighs are ideally parallel to the ground and bring your chest forward so that your spine is straight from the tailbone to the neck.

Perform the pose according to your ability.

If you are older or less flexible, use a chair: sit in the chair while inhaling and rise to a standing position as you exhale.

Do the exercise minimum 5 times to start. This exercise can be intense, it is normal to feel dizzy at first. To practice regularly over a period of 1 to 3 months.

Do not hesitate to stop and put yourself in the position of the corpse (Shavasana).

Close your eyes and focus on the point between your eyebrows. Breathe slowly.

It is a complete exercise that works the whole body and that you can eventually perform everywhere to circulate energy and help your digestion.

After regular practice, you can also do it at work, at school to help you refocus.

Extra TIP + spiritual!

Before doing the series of exercises, you can invoke the qualities of God Ganesh: memory, intelligence, wisdom, and liberation from your obstacles, success.

Ask the universe that you can embody them in your everyday life.

Hello, good life!

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