Peeing in the shower: 5 advantages and disadvantages

Peeing in the shower: 5 advantages and disadvantages

Nobody knows what this is due to. Perhaps it’s the lure of the forbidden that drives so many people to pee in the shower. In this article, you’ll learn why it’s not so disgusting, but why it can still be harmful sometimes.

Advantages and disadvantages of peeing in the shower

According to a British poll , 41% of men and 27% of women pee in the shower and these are just the people who admit it. One wonders why so many people do it, when it’s generally considered disgusting.

Benefits of peeing in the shower

The first advantage that comes spontaneously to mind for peeing in the shower is saving time. But is that enough to get into the habit of peeing in the shower? In other words: are there reasons other than the time factor or personal comfort that speak in favor of this practice?

  1. Save water

Even with low water consumption flushes, 3-4 liters are still needed for small cases. If you save one flush per day by taking a shower, this represents between 1,000 and 1,500 liters less water over the year.

  1. Save toilet paper

Of course, it is possible to save not only water, but also toilet paper by peeing in the shower instead of the toilet. This also affects the wallet, because in Europe, around 120 rolls of toilet paper are used per person per year.

  1. Take care of your skin

In naturopathy, skin problems and skin diseases are also treated with autologous urine. What could be more natural than trying it on in the shower? If that sounds too special, you can of course also resort to traditional creams and lotions for dry skin, as these often also contain artificially produced urea (urea).

For more on using urine for the skin for eczema, foot fungus, and more, check out these  5 Reasons to Pee in the Shower .

Disadvantages of peeing in the shower

If, statistically speaking, we are not the only ones to pee in the shower, we do not necessarily make friends. If you share your bathroom with someone, it is important to make sure beforehand that the other users do not mind.

  1. The sound of water can trigger the urge to urinate

For people with nervous bladders, peeing in the shower is not a good idea. They may then always have to pee to the sound of running water, because they have conditioned themselves to do so.

  1. Bacteria can enter the skin

If you suffer from cystitis or a urinary tract infection, avoid peeing in the shower. Indeed, the bacteria contained in the urine can penetrate the skin through small scratches or cracks, which causes inflammation. In fact, about 18% of women have bacteria in their urine without realizing it.

A supposed disadvantage for women peeing in the shower, however, could be scientifically refuted : the fact that they can relax their bladder less well when standing and that there is therefore a risk of residual urine. Explanation: When a certain amount of residual urine is in the bladder, bacteria and germs can multiply there and cause urinary tract infections. Also, it can lead to overflow incontinence.

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