How to plan a date in your home

How to plan a date in your home

How to plan a date in your home

1. Make it an Italian night. Put a red and white checkered tablecloth on your table, set the table like in a restaurant, and put on Italian music. Make garlic bread, tasty pasta and open a bottle of white wine and enjoy.

2. Schedule a time a week to have a phone date. Sit down, don’t worry about anything else, and focus on each other’s voices.

3. Turn your garden into a spa. Buy a plastic kiddie pool, set it up in the yard and fill it with warm water and foam. Put tea lights in all (safe) places and turn off the light. Burn essential oil or a scented candle and let soft background music play. After the ‘jacuzzi’, wrap yourself in warmed towels in the dryer and massage each other with lavender oil.

4. Bring out your best board games, play with two, or invite friends. Make it a pleasant evening by first eating good food and then playing together.

5. Sit on the couch with a glass of wine and tell each other stories about your relationship. The first time you said ‘I love you, the first date, funny bloopers during the seduction, fun moments… It will make the butterflies flare up.

6. Stay at home and play strip poker.

7. Make hot chocolate on a rainy day, curl up on the couch and read a book.

8. Bake something together. Make a delicious chocolate cake, muffins, cookies, or brownies. Lick the chocolate off your fingers, have a flower fight, and don’t worry about clutter in the kitchen. Enjoy the moment.

9. For 1 week, write down all the sweet and beautiful thoughts you have about each other, and then take a moment to read them to each other by candlelight.

10. Invite friends and ask them all to bring their favorite/wrong CD. Spend the evening listening to the music, dancing to the wrong songs, or talking during quiet songs.


11. Have an excellent breakfast in a nice coffee house. This often works out cheaper than eating out in the evening.

12. Take an evening walk in your neighborhood together. No rush, just walk and enjoy the silence.

13. Take all leftovers out of your fridge, both food, and drink, put them in a basket, and have a picnic in the park.

14. Sit on a park or city bench and people watch. Discuss what they’re wearing, who looks happy, and who doesn’t. Makeup stories about where they come from, who they are,…

15. Try each other’s hobbies one evening. Teach him to knit, teach her to play the guitar, … Interest in each other’s hobbies is essential to your relationship.

16. Go to the park together and bring stale bread for the birds and homemade ‘Tricky Ice Tea’ for you. (Tricky Ice Tea: 4 cups water, hibiscus tea, 1/3 cup sugar, 2 tablespoons fresh lime juice, 2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice, 1 cup vodka, and 1 cup ice.)

17. Go to the park with your love and friends and bring a hula hoop, bubble blower, and kites. Go play like kids.


18. Surf to free in Ghent, free in Antwerp , or free in Brussels for all free performances, lectures, and exhibitions in your city.

19. Join the guest list of galleries and check out the openings of new collections. Dress up and enjoy the free wine and possibly snacks. And the art of course!

20. Museums regularly have a free day. Go and sniff art together.

21. Create your private book club, read the same book together and discuss it at a coffee shop near you.

22. Go to a jazz club and immerse yourself in the smoky atmosphere of chaotic music and red wine.

23. Inquire about the try-out moment of the local theater house. Theater companies are always looking for new audiences.

24. Go to the performances of the local academy or conservatory in your city. Feel like a student again and kiss in the back row during the performance.


25. Sign up for volunteer work in your neighborhood and share soup for an evening. 

26. Take a trial lesson. It is unnecessary to follow the full course – you can – but taking one lesson together will give you a lot of fun anyway. You can discover something new and experience an adventure together.

27. Challenge each other to participate in a marathon and train for it together. Showering together after training will at least motivate you to continue.

28. Play in a playground and feel like a kid again. Rocking with laughter, bouncing wobbly and sliding down the slide.

29. If you don’t have one of your own, rent a bike and cycle through your city together. Not from A to B but get lost in the streets and discover new places.

30. Inquire if your local wine store has a tasting evening. Tasting is free, only buying wine costs money.

31. Take a cooking class. Putting food in each other’s mouth is always sensual.

32. Tell your friends that you like to watch their house when they are away. Even if it’s just for one day. It will do you good to be in a different environment anyway..

33. Take a disposable camera on a date and ask several people to take a picture of you together. Complete the roll. (Additional fun: Kiss each other in every photo.)

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