How to make an arrow in Minecraft

How to make arrows in Minecraft

Knowing how to make an arrow in Minecraft is essential for browsers, as arrows are just as effective as swords. This is due to the fact that using a bow and arrow will bring you an enormous virtue: the long distance. Archers have the ability to stay away from most of the risks in the game and still face them bravely.

To perform a bow and arrow in Minecraft you need certain basic materials that you can get by defeating monsters, exploring caves, and collecting wood. In addition, it is also possible to create Ghost Arrows and Enchanted Arrows that are even more capable. In the article, reveal how to make an arrow in Minecraft!

How to make arrows in minecraft

To make an arrow you just need to collect: flint, sticks and feathers. This first material, also popular as “Flint Steel”, can be obtained by collecting gravel (gravel blocks are usually found on beaches and rivers). Sticks can be made from wooden blocks and feathers can be made by beating Minecraft chickens.

Each unit of these materials generates 4 arrows the moment they are placed on the workbench. In this way, it is possible to take several arrows with you on your adventure, even if you collect a few elements.

How to make a bow in minecraft

To make a bow you just need to collect: sticks and cobwebs. Throughout the night, the spiders are among the most unexpected opponents to confront, after all, they arrive very quickly and jump to attack. So one piece of advice is: pay attention to the sound they make when they are close to you. In addition, they disappear at dawn, leaving their cobwebs on the ground.

To tie a knot you need sticks and a spider web 

How to make certain arrows in Minecraft

In Minecraft, there are also golden arrows that are extremely effective. These have a chance to even certain ghosts and monsters from the inferior – are the ghostly arrows. To craft them, all you need to collect is: Radiant Stone Dust (In general, Radiant Stone Blocks sparkle in the inferior ).

Collect radiant rock dust to unleash ghostly arrows

You can also make enchanted arrows with potions. The moment you find an enchanting table, you can not only enchant your bow with “Flaming Aspect”, but also enchant potions to make much more capable arrows. That done, simply combine them on the workbench!

Match potions with arrows on the workbench

These tips will help you transform into a huge archer in Minecraft. Did you like this product? Share these tips with your friends who are just getting started with the game!

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