How to decipher the body language of women?

To know if a woman loves you or if she likes you, you need to know how to decipher certain signs that are not deceiving.

Here is a little lesson in body language to find out if this woman is interested in you and is trying to flirt with you!

Master body language, to quickly know if she likes you

Knowing the often unpredictable nature of women, we would certainly agree that it is not always obvious whether a woman is hitting on you , or when she is just heckling you. This is even more complicated when you are the one flirting with her .

Often she is not as expressive (as you would have liked) so you can tell if you are having an effect on her or not. And this is easily understood, seduction being an art in its own right , which has its realities and principles. However, you can know, through certain signs, whether you are interested in him or not. How ? Paying attention to body language .

Understand the basics of body language

When it comes to body language, it will be a question of being able to discern if the woman in question is distant or if she is approaching you. In most cases, body language is how you know a woman likes you . While it’s true that there are teases out there who take pleasure in tormenting you unnecessarily, a woman you like will often try to get physically close to you .

Signs that show she’s interested…or not

To know if a woman is interested in you, observe her well, and you will notice that she likes to sit close to you, is tactile and often touches you by the arm, the shoulder . These are expressive signs of obvious interest.

On the other hand, if she is often tense, not very relaxed, and barely speaks while avoiding your gaze for the rare times she approaches you, it is better that you go look elsewhere if the grass is greener.

With the above granted, you can now learn to better understand body language , and easily distinguish a woman who is flirting with you from one who just wants to turn you on .

Does she flirt with you? Signs that (sometimes) hide in communication

To know if a woman likes you, you must also pay attention to the communication that takes place between you. On this aspect, the woman expresses her interest in you in different ways .

She can thus be very inclined to talk to you without stopping, not hesitating to approach subjects relating to romantic relationships, for the most enterprising of them. Some will go further, asking you without complex what you think of them.

Laughing woman…

So it is possible that she takes a particular interest in your jokes , and laughs a lot, sometimes even when the latter are not necessarily funny. In fact, it’s her way of showing you that she’s interested in you. This is why to know if a woman is in love with you, it is important that you pay close attention to her words .

The art of understanding innuendo

Most of the time, women express their desires and desires implicitly, and are not very willing to be expressive (for the majority).

It is therefore up to you to quickly perceive and interpret the signs: a woman who often asks you about your family wants to know if you are in a relationship or not . But when she is also interested in your passions, your occupations and others, it is often the sign of an interest, not only friendly , but much deeper. Even if these signs do not necessarily mean that she is flirting with you or that she is in love with you, they are clearly the expression of an interest, however small it may be.

In this case, should he be made to confess or not?

This is the whole sensitivity of the subject, and probably the best way to be clearly fixed. Rather than telling her that you like her , the best (and the most difficult) thing is to get her to confess her feelings to you. To do this, you need to push the communication further .

An SMS to make her confess?

If, for example, beyond a very expressive body language during your last interview, she left you her number, this is proof of an interest. So you have to capitalize by texting him already after you meet . The goal is to conclude a next one-on-one as quickly as possible, or to get closer, by being more than just friends ( the famous friendzone problem ).

In such an approach, the ideal is to be precise and concise, to clearly display your intentions, and to have confidence. By doing so, you will be faced with three scenarios:

  • if she accepts your invitation , it’s a safe bet that she sincerely likes you;
  • if she clearly declines your invitation , it will mean that you have surely made a mistake (no big deal);
  • if she refuses with an excuse , it will mean that she is flirting with you, but does not want to reveal herself too much. There, she waits for you to insist a little, for you to take the initiative, believing that she has done enough to put you on the path. She is just waiting for you to do your part, so that she agrees to undertake something with you.

Do not analyze her answer too quickly

In any case, to find out if a woman likes you, you should not lose sight of any aspect, in order to be clearly fixed. Take the time to properly interpret the signals . If his first answer does not match your expectations (or one of the scenarios mentioned just above), you can try again once.

On the other hand, if she continues to maintain the mystery, to suddenly say yes, then suddenly no, it may be time to move on : you have to be careful not to come across a narcissist or a woman who lies to you or doesn’t care about you !

Finally, even if you shouldn’t go too fast, there are signs that are clearly telling.

Unmistakable signs to know if a woman likes you

To know if a woman likes you , there are signs that do not lie. These signs should ideally be interpreted as a whole, not individually. When a woman is interested in you, you may find that she:

  • enjoys teasing you and making fun of you ;
  • gives you a little nickname , in a way that is unique to her, distinct from the names of other people close to you;
  • tries to flirt with other men, to make you jealous , always looking at you;
  • writes to you and calls you , often to say nothing concrete;
  • Misses no opportunity to be alone with you , with several excuses to justify his presence.

These signs couldn’t be more expressive, so take responsibility, gentlemen!

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