How do I know if my husband/boyfriend loves me?

How do I know if my husband/boyfriend loves me?

How do I know if my husband/boyfriend loves me?

It can be confusing trying to estimate whether he loves you, yes or no.

Simply because a man’s love is completely different from a woman’s love.


  • A woman’s love is very great and compelling, it is a kind of unconditional love that allows women to love someone very strongly and intensely.
  • Men, on the other hand, have a different way of loving someone, they show it in a very different way.

That does not mean that one is better or more durable than the other, absolutely not, it just means that there is a (big) difference between the two.

Men express their love in a very different way than women, and…

This often causes confusion among women.

For example, you may sometimes wonder: “Why is he acting like this?”

Or, “Why doesn’t he behave the way I would?”

… And it’s actually a very dangerous way of thinking in a relationship that a guy will act the same as you would.

To avoid confusion, this article lists seventeen simple points to test whether a man really loves you. Do you recognize several points? Nice. Then you know for sure.

Let’s start right with the first.

1. Does he try to solve everything for you?

A way a man expresses his love for you is when he tries to solve everything for you.

This can be anything, such as:

  • A broken bulb.
  • An argument with your girlfriend.
  • Your bike making a weird noise.

No matter what it is, if a man really loves you, he will always try to solve your problems.

That’s actually kind of funny because when women love someone you often see that they do something nice to show it.

Men approach it completely differently, so they will always try to solve your problems – even to the point of irritation with you. He will simply try to fix everything and make it his personal mission to make sure you don’t have any more problems.

2. Is he (turned into) a cuddly monster?

This one is nice because most guys don’t like to cuddle (or they say they don’t).

But as soon as a man really likes you, he suddenly turns into a cuddly monster.

(this is the case with most men, as with everything there are exceptions)

Well, that in itself is not so surprising, because hugging releases the substance oxytocin.

Take a look at what Wikipedia has to say about this:

So if he wasn’t much of a hugger at the beginning of the relationship and now he’s suddenly your lifelike teddy bear, that’s a very good sign.

3. Does he want to know everything about you?

“Enough with that superficial talk”, that’s what a man thinks when he really likes you.

A man like that will want to know EVERYTHING about you.

He will do his best to find out everything about you, for example, he will ask you questions about:

  • Your life story.
  • Your deepest secrets.
  • Your dreams and passions.
  • Your friends and family.

Simply the things you don’t discuss with John and everyone, so when he asks you questions about this, that’s a very good sign.

4. Is he constantly trying to get your attention?

Is he constantly trying to get your attention? Does he come to you spontaneously? Does he call you every now and then? Does not a day go by that he doesn’t text you?

In short, does he contact you continuously?

In that case, he really loves you.

Because look, men don’t like socializing apps or spontaneous messages and visits.

But there is one exception to this :

… And that’s when he really cares about you.

If he really cares about you he won’t be able to leave you alone, so if you get texts when he should be at work it’s an obvious sign that he loves you (and thinks about you a lot). ;).

5. Is he willing to do ‘stupid’ things that he really doesn’t like?

Well, maybe a man you like a little bit will come along too, but such a man will continuously complain about everything.

If you ask such a man to a family birthday, he will grumble or maybe even try to get out of it.

But when a man REALLY loves you and REALLY cares about you, then he will be willing to do ‘stupid’ things to you without complaining.

Such a man will do that kind of thing for you with love.

Because when a man loves you, he will try to do the best he can for you.

An afternoon of shopping? He’s coming. Your cousin’s birthday? He’s coming.

It doesn’t matter what it is if he really loves you he will want to go everywhere with you. Even to the dullest parties and the most feminine things that he actually abhors a little bit.

All this without complaining, purely because he thinks it is important that he is a good man for you.

6. Can’t he stay mad at you for long?

When a man can’t stay mad at you for long, it’s an obvious sign that he really likes you.

But wait… before you think:

That’s handy, I can use this as a test to find out if he really loves me…”

That’s not what I mean.

And I don’t mean there aren’t ways to get him angry.

There are limitations!

But suppose you stay within these limits, then:

  • He tries to make it right first.
  • Does he apologize – even when he’s not wrong?
  • Can he never stay mad at you for long (without regretting it).

Suppose you recognize one of these signs, then you can assume that he really loves you.

7. Does he do nice things for you?

Before writing an article, I always discuss the tips with my charming (male) colleague.

Likewise for writing this article.

So we were talking about signs that show you as a woman that a man really loves you.

Well, he said – and this may sound a bit wacky – that when a man gives you oral sex just to please you (and not because he expects something in return), he really loves you.

This might be a bit of a silly comparison, but it does have a point.

A relationship is about giving without expecting anything in return.

The thing is, when people are in a relationship and really love someone, they do nice things for that person.

research even shows that little things like this are indispensable in a good relationship)

They actually want to make that other person happy, just to make that other person happy.

And that’s very much where love comes from.

That’s why parents can take care of their children without getting anything in return.

So when he does nice things for you without expecting anything in return, it’s one of the strongest signs that he really loves you.

8. Is he sometimes a little jealous?

When a man has (deep) feelings for you, he is very jealous when you “flirt” with other men.

That’s why the friend zone is hell for men.

I see it every night out, men watching from a distance as I (or one of my clients) chat with their “girlfriend”.

Even a small child could tell by their body language and facial expression that they don’t like it at all.

That’s right, they’re jealous.

Well, this might be a bit of a weird comparison, but it does say something about the true nature of every man:

When we have feelings for a woman, it takes very little to make us jealous.

This jealousy is already there the moment you talk to another man.

Maybe at a moment like this, you think:

Gosh, don’t be so jealous all the time, I’m just having a chat.

But if he really loves you, he can’t escape that jealous feeling.

Maybe he can hide it, but trust me, the feeling is there.

So if you find him a little jealous every now and then, it’s because he loves you.

9. Is your husband trying really hard for you?

If you notice that he’s trying really hard for you, it’s an obvious sign that he really loves you.

That doesn’t necessarily mean he’s doing everything right.

(we men can even be very clumsy in our best)

But if you notice that he is at least trying, that’s a very good sign.

A man can try to do his best in all sorts of ways, for example, he can:

  • Trying to solve everything for you (signal #1).
  • Trying very hard to look good when he meets your parents.
  • Doing his best to cheer you up, even if he makes a little embarrassment with this (signal #16).

Simply put, if you see him systematically doing his best for you – no matter how clumsy or clumsy he is – that’s a very good sign.

10. Is he really with you?

When people are dating, they only show themselves from one side, their best side that is.

Or is that weird? No. Everyone knows that a good first impression is important.

In fact, we often don’t dare to be real when we first meet someone.

Because that takes guts (or alcohol ;).


After the initial phase, it can go two ways:

  1. He remains superficial, which often means that he is leading you on.
  2. You gradually get to see more sides of him, which means that he trusts you.

If he dares to be vulnerable, it is a good indicator that he has feelings for you.

Then he shows a side of himself that he normally hides from the outside world.

Something that is difficult for many men…

But when you get to see this side of him – that is, when he can be himself with you – it’s because he trusts you completely and really cares about you.

11. Does your boyfriend proudly show you off to everyone?

This is a one hundred percent guarantee sign, because if he doesn’t do this then he isn’t really serious with you.

When a man really loves a woman, he is proud… very proud.

It’s kind of like when he bought a really nice new car, everyone MUST see that car.

He will proudly show that car to his family and friends.

The same is exactly what men have with their girlfriends.

If a man has a girlfriend that he really loves, he will want to show her off to everyone.

Parents. Brothers. sisters. friends. You name it…

If he is really crazy about you, then he likes nothing more than walking hand in hand down the street and showing you the outside world.

It’s really so black and white, when he doesn’t (likes to) show you to the outside world he isn’t serious with you, but when he does it’s a very good sign that he loves you.

12. Is he spoiling you?

Men are competitive, even in the world of dating and relationships.

We don’t want to be just a boyfriend, no, when we do something we want to do it right.

That’s why (almost) every man wants to be their best friend.

And secretly, it’s his man’s dream to be your best friend EVER.

He will want to take care of you, solve problems for you and pamper you every now and then.

Right, he treats you like a princess…

These can be very small things, like making you a cup of coffee every morning.

But giving you the best (and most expensive) birthday present is also a way for him to show that he loves you.

If you ask him why you get a spontaneous gift, he says:

Because you deserve it.”

It’s his way of saying he loves you, albeit in a masculine (duh) way.

In short, is he spoiling you? Great, that’s a very good sign.

13. Does he walk down the street hand in hand with you?

When a man walks down the street with your hand in hand, he shows the whole world that you are his.

We already talked about it at signal, he does this because he is proud.

Proud of the fact that you belong to him.

He wants to show you off to the rest of the world, and he might even show you off a little bit.

Players and bad guys, on the other hand, will never walk down the street hand in hand with you (or touch you in public), let alone want to be seen with you in public.

When he touches you in public it means three things:

First, it means it’s not a bad man or a player.

Second, it means he’s proud and wants to show you off to the outside world.

… And not entirely unimportant :

Third, when a man touches you in public (holding hands, hugging, kissing, etc.) he is madly in love with you.

He just can’t help it, he prefers to touch you continuously.

Another good indicator is that he really loves you and not just stringing you along for sex.

14. Does he talk about “we” instead of “me”?

There is little to say about this.

When a man uses “we” instead of “I” it is a very clear sign that he really loves you.

As in: crystal clear.

His head is already full of future plans for you two.

And this is something a man only has when he is EXTREMELY confident in the relationship.

In other words, he loves you like no other.

15. Is he overly protective of you?

Another sign that he really likes you is — and this can be a little annoying at times — if he’s overly protective of you.

Men often show their love much less directly, but they show their love through behaviors such as:

  • Want to take care of you.
  • Solve problems for you.
  • Being overly protective of you.

Those are the instinctive ways we show our love.

For example, he may steadfastly say to you:

“Yes, but I don’t want you to cycle home at one o’clock in the morning, I’ll come to pick you up.”

This is his way of telling you that he really loves you.

Or, for example, if you’re in a bar and a guy comes up to you, he’ll most likely step in between them.

Because “what does that man want from her”, he thinks.

In fact, when a man treats you as if you were the most precious possession on earth, then he really loves you.

Again, I know this can be annoying at times, but at least he means very well 😉

16. Does he do his best to make you laugh?

Countless studies and surveys show that women want a man with a sense of humor… AND THAT’S A GOOD ALSO… men are looking for a woman who laughs at his jokes.

When a man has found the right woman, he will do everything he can to make her laugh as much as possible.

Does this mean he should embarrass himself (a little)?

No problem, he’s willing to do that.

So when he’s having fun, he’s doing it for two reasons:

1.) He wants to be found funny.

But more importantly:

2.)  He really loves you and wants nothing more than to see you smile.

Another clear sign that he loves you.

17. Does he say, “I love you?”

It’s no secret that men find it difficult to put their feelings into words.

Saying something like “I love you” is, therefore, a BIG DEAL for many men.

Many men will wait as long as possible with this.

So when he mustered up his courage and said these four magic words to you, it was obvious that he really loves you.

So don’t try to find anything behind this.

Men are very simple and logical creatures.

When he says this to you, he’s not doing it to test you or anything, he just means that he really cares about you. Nothing more and nothing less.

So simply take his word for it when he says this to you.

PS  It can take a very long time for a man to dare to say this to you. If he doesn’t tell you it doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you.

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