Brazilian car dealership adopts homeless dog and turns him into a car salesman

A car dealership in Brazil adopted a local dog and made him its star employee.

A car dealership has a dog as an exemplary employee: many companies are very dog-friendly, but having one as a member of the work team is even more heart-warming; as happened at a Hyundai sales showroom in Serra, Espirito Santo state, Brazil.

Imagine walking into this showroom and being greeted by their best employee: a beautiful dog named “Tucson Prime”. But this incredible story has a bit of a sad start, because the dog had a lot of difficulties at the beginning of his life on the streets.

A dealership adopted a homeless dog

Company workers would often see him wandering around the compound alone and would greet him, pet him, and feed him on occasion. After several weeks, the dog became good friends with the employees and won their affection, so they decided to adopt him.

Employees bathed him, vaccinated, dewormed him and even built him his own little house inside the Hyundai showroom.

Tucson Prime was happy because he now had a new home with all the comforts, air conditioning and enough food for every day. Not content with this , the employees of the company decided to make him an honorary employee of the place with his own identity card.

A very touching turn in the life of Tucson Prime, because after being adopted in May, he became a star car salesman. The adorable little dog can now be seen browsing the showroom, greeting customers or executives, and keeping tabs on the entire dealership.

You see him play sometimes, but he knows the balance between work and play, and he knows his responsibilities. He also makes sure to test drive the cars so that customers are sure of their purchase, as he is the ambassador and role model of the place.

Tucson Prime is very friendly when greeting customers and attentive to their every need; even when they bring their pets, he entertains them, all in an effort to hit his sales cap.

This story is very touching and Tucson became an inspirational character as he found a place where he was truly accepted. His story also went viral, as the dealership shared the details on his Instagram and netizens reacted immediately.

The Instagram post reads:

“Meet Tucson Prime, the sales dog at the @PrimeHyundai dealership in Serra. The new member, about a year old, has been welcomed into the #Hyundai family and has already won over colleagues and customers with his kindness. »

Photos of Tucson Prime with his card identifying him as an honorary Hyundai employee have captured hearts and already have over 30,000 likes. The story has been so popular that Tucson has become something of a celebrity, as his personal Instagram already has over 38,000 followers.

Other photos shared on his personal account show Tucson attending meetings, greeting important executives and asking for strokes on his belly. The story has also made its way to other internet platforms, like Twitter, where people talk about this beautiful event.

Swastika Mukherjee said on Twitter:

“The most human thing that has happened in a long time”.

For now, Tucson Prime will continue to work for promotion and the dealership will always be remembered for setting an example of how to treat animals.

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