Boring life? These 7 tips will help you get out of that daily grind!

Boring life? These 7 tips will help you get out of that daily grind!

You have probably experienced it: at some point, you get into a kind of rut. The same routine every day with the same salad and the well-known route to work. It all just gets a bit boring and one-sided. Fire up your life! Curious how you get out of that rut and brighten up your life a bit? These eight tips will certainly help you with that.

  1. be alone with yourself

Making contacts and socializing are often important at work. Can be nice of course, but sometimes you just have to take a moment to be with yourself. Don’t listen to the nagging about your colleague’s lasagna being burned again, or the constant buzz you hear throughout the office. Go outside during your lunch, take a walk in the park or sit somewhere else for a breather and to unwind. Sometimes that’s just necessary.

  1. Or meet people

Besides the fact that we sometimes have to schedule a moment for ourselves, meeting up with friends is also very important. In 2016 we are mainly glued to our phones, but you will notice how good it does you to just see each other face-to-face. Save those stories that you quickly send via an app and wait with them until you see each other again. It’s so much more fun to tell that exciting news in person.

  1. New workout gear

Do you always work out in the same black leggings and sports top? Treat yourself to a new sports outfit. Not only have you earned it, but it can also motivate you to give some extra gas during your workout. So put on your naughty (sports) shoes and dive into the shops!

  1. Go home on time

Of course, you want to finish your work and your employer is probably very happy with an employee like you. However, working overtime can cause stress and you will not get a real work rhythm. See which tasks need to be done today and try going home a little earlier.

  1. Evaluate Your Sleep Pattern

Do you sleep restlessly, do you wake up often during the night or are you even more tired in the morning than the night before? You may need to change your sleeping pattern. Another pillow, thicker or thinner blankets, open a window in your room. Try different things to find out what works for you and before you know it you’ll be sleeping like a baby again.

  1. Try something new

Upgrade your routine by trying something new. Meditating can already be a challenge for you, but how about that new sport you’ve been secretly thinking about for weeks? Go out and do it! What is life without new challenges?

  1. Choose another way

Taking the same route every day to your place or destination can also get tedious. Do you use public transport every day? Then find out if there is another route that might take a little longer, but that allows you to see more of the area. Take your bike to the station, or if you already cycle anyway, google a different route. Even if you are on the road for a little longer, this can be nice: nice and relaxing before you go back to a busy day. A bit of a moment for yourself.

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