Body Language: 6 Signs Someone Doesn’t Like You

Body Language: 6 Signs Someone Doesn’t Like You

For some people, it’s not even a question of whether they like you or not, because it’s obvious. Then some people hide their true feelings quite well and in whose presence you “just” feel uncomfortable. Here you will find out which body language signals make it possible to reliably recognize a certain antipathy.

Six signs that someone doesn’t like you

  1. Fake smiles

With a real smile, for example, you signal to your interlocutor your sympathy and agreement. A fake smile often serves to mask the lack of sympathy. A false smile can be recognized, among other things, by its tormented appearance. In addition, unlike a real smile, the muscles around the eyes do not move or move little.

  1. Distance

In everyday life, most people act like this: they surround themselves with people they like and who make them feel good and instinctively seek to distance themselves from people who are not likable to them.

  1. No eye contact

Avoidance of physical closeness or contact, in general, is not the only sign of antipathy. We can also understand that a person does not like us when he systematically avoids eye contact.

  1. Tone of voice

Another clue that someone doesn’t like us: their tone of voice doesn’t match what they’re saying. It is indeed much more difficult to control his tone. Warning signals are also, for example, an exaggeratedly high-pitched or mellifluous voice (aversion is masked), a very rapid speech (impatience), or a very indistinct or careless pronunciation (disrespect).

  1. Arms crossed

Sometimes crossed arms are just an embarrassing solution, because the person doesn’t know what else to do with them. But they can also embody a defensive posture.

  1. Tight lips 

If someone purses their lips during a conversation or contact with you, it’s probably to prevent something from “escaping” them and that they might regret. Pursing the lips, therefore, serves to hide them or to control oneself.

If your intuition is confirmed by the mentioned signals, then all you have to do is know how to deal with the fact that someone does not like you. Unfortunately, there is no silver bullet to antipathy. You can either avoid the other person or try to talk to them directly to clear up any misunderstandings. In the end, there are simply people who get along well and others who don’t. So don’t be disappointed if an open discussion doesn’t help. (Body Language: 6 Signs Someone Doesn’t Like You)

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