An eagle caught a baby falcon for dinner and ended up adopting it

This eagle caught a baby falcon for dinner and ended up adopting him as his baby and now they are an amazing family.

A bald eagle was seen snatching a baby hawk from a nest in Canada. The most surprising in this situation happened later, when arriving at the nest, the eagle decided to adopt the little bird instead of making it his dinner, as was to happen .

Wildlife volunteer Pam MacCartney told Canadian radio CBC One that the unusual “adoption” happened recently on Gabriola Island, located about 53 kilometers west of Vancouver, British Columbia. Initially, the family had two eaglets, but the youngest eaglet died shortly after birth.

The environmentalist, who was watching the live broadcast, said she could not hide her shock at seeing what was happening.

To the surprise of all who witnessed the moment thanks to a live broadcast from GROWLS, a non-profit organization that rescues and preserves wild animals on Gabriola Island, neither the mother eagle nor her calf attacked the chick. 

At first the two chicks kept their distance and the mother eagle didn’t seem to pay much attention to the little hawk, but by nightfall the birds seemed to have formed a family. The mother eagle took care of the two babies equally, which completely stunned the onlookers.

According to ornithologist David Bird, professor emeritus of wildlife biology at McGill University in Montreal, this surprising event is not the first to occur in British Columbia – a similar case has already been known in the past .

Pam continues to watch over the new family, the chicks seem to be growing healthy and strong under the mother eagle’s care, and even Malala the hawk has already started her first flying lessons on her own.

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