8 Things That Annoy Guests (Even If They Don’t Say It)

8 Things That Annoy Guests (Even If They Don't Say It)

8 Things That Annoy Guests (Even If They Don’t Say It)

As a good guest does not generally criticize his host, it can happen that the latter involuntarily puts his foot in the dish or even transforms the visit into an ordeal for his guest. We’ve rounded up the 8 worst host mistakes for you.

Perhaps the most important requirement for a visit to be an enjoyable experience for both parties is to put yourself in the other person’s shoes and respond to their needs. You shouldn’t have too specific a plan in mind on how everything should go, but leave room for spontaneity.

8 Mistakes a Good Host Never Makes

1. Imposing Food 

In principle, of course, it is nice to prepare something to eat for your guests, but you should not force them to eat, especially if they have already refused once.

2. Not asking what the guest prefers (tea or coffee)

You may be addicted to coffee yourself, but many people don’t like it. Before serving something to your guests, you should always ask them what they prefer.

3. Unclean floors

Time is not always enough to clean the house, especially when the meal is planned quickly, but some places need to be cleaned, because they immediately attract attention. Soils are one of them, and that’s the first thing to do.

4. Let animals climb on chairs and sofa

Nobody expects a house to be completely hairless if someone has cats and dogs, but as a good host you should at least remove pet hair from the seating to not impose it to no one

5. Neglecting the bathroom

Even if you don’t show your guests around the house, the likelihood that they will see the bathroom is very high. In addition, the lack of cleaning is noticed very quickly. To make a good impression, you should at least clean the sink and taps, the mirror and the toilet.

6. Let guests help

In principle, the guests are not there to help. If they offer it on their own, we can of course accept it, but in reality, it is up to the host to take care of the well-being of his guests.

7. Put gifts away immediately

It is impolite to put away gifts brought by guests immediately. Also, it is customary to offer a little something to one’s guests, such as wine or chocolate.

8. Put the guests out

Even if the host isn’t having a good day or has only planned a short visit, they shouldn’t stress or send guests away. Such a situation is embarrassing and can spoil the moment. Above all, it’s a big lack of politeness that can cost you some friendships.

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