8 signs that show you’re attractive

8 signs that show you’re attractive

In a society where everything is based on appearance, where the perfect woman must have a luscious mouth, smooth skin, size 34, and a D cup, and where the man must be muscular, have a dark look and a perfect haircut, it is difficult to have self-confidence. Fortunately, many of us still appreciate the natural physique and especially the various morphologies. For people who lack confidence and find it difficult to know whether they like them or not, here are 8 signs that are not deceiving:

1) People raise their eyebrows when they see you

The reason is very simple: by raising both eyebrows upwards, the face is more open and friendlier, especially when smiling at the same time. The goal is to be friendly and benevolent with the person we like.


2) The mouth forms a kiss when they see you

Of course, we are not talking here about a “duckface”, but about a very subtle movement of the end of the lips. It’s a sure sign that the other person wants to kiss you. It couldn’t be clearer! By the way, if someone, in your presence, passes their tongue over their lips, it means that they are very attracted to you.

3) No one pays you compliments

This point can be difficult to understand, but it is a sure sign that others find you very attractive. It’s not against you, but suppose you know how handsome you are… They think their compliments are superfluous, so they don’t.

4) You receive compliments

If someone gives you a compliment like, “You look great as usual,” you’ll think that’s nice, but you’d prefer something deeper. However, you can be reassured, because it is a sure sign that your counterpart finds you attractive. It just assumes that you know how attractive you are and that you don’t have to be told that all the time.

5) People are surprised to learn that you have complexes

If your interlocutors react in an extremely surprising way when you tell them that you also have complexes and that you are not at all satisfied with a part of your body, this is a sure sign of your attractiveness. They just can’t imagine that someone they find so attractive doesn’t see themselves that way.

6) People are looking for your proximity

We like to keep our distance from people we don’t like – whether spatially or emotionally. Conversely, we seek proximity to people we find attractive. So a person who often stays close to you and always tries to talk to you probably finds you attractive.

7) People are either very nice or very mean to you

Our subconscious decides in seconds who we find attractive or not. If someone is similar to us, we prefer to be friends with him and therefore we are very friendly and open with him. So this means that someone who considers themselves attractive is friendly to those they consider equally attractive. But if someone can’t stand you for no apparent reason, it often means they’re jealous and dissatisfied with themselves.

8) People try to make eye contact

Unconsciously, we express a lot of things without even realizing it. If someone is watching you, following you, or trying to make eye contact with you longer than usual, you can be sure that person finds you attractive. One look says it all.

Like what, you just have to pay attention to the little signs to discover how attractive you are. Do not doubt yourself and love yourself as you are! (8 signs that show you’re attractive)

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