8 Items that need to be on the emergency list in case something happens

8 Items that need to be on the emergency list in case something happens


We’re all going to die one day, we know that, but death remains a taboo subject in our society that we avoid discussing as much as possible. But reality quickly catches up with us when a loved one is lost.

Often death strikes without warning. We find ourselves in a state of shock, unable to think clearly. Under these circumstances, having to deal with formalities and other difficult aspects within a few days of the death of a loved one seems like an insurmountable task for loved ones.

To make life easier for them after a death, it may be useful to create an emergency list that indicates the documents and data they will need in the event of death. Here are 9 things that are part of such a list:

  1. Important phone numbers

The most important phone numbers, i.e. those of your partner, family, neighbors, or close friends, should be at the top of the list. It is also important to note who has the key to the apartment.

  1. General practitioners, dentists, important specialists

Since an emergency is not always a fatal case, the list should include not only the data of the most important doctors but also information on blood type, allergies, and drug intolerances.

  1. Tax identification number

The tax office is also waiting for a message and often a final tax return for the deceased. It is therefore important to note the tax identification number.

  1. Health insurance

In addition to health insurance, data from supplementary insurance policies must also be included in the list, as they must also be terminated after death.

  1. Bank details

Your loved ones need the name of your bank and your telephone operator. Also, you can keep copies of your bank cards. This will make life easier for your loved ones, and yours too, in case your wallet is stolen.

Ideally, you have given a power of attorney to someone you trust in good time, so that they can deal with financial matters on your behalf after your death.

  1. Assurances

Data from insurance companies is important because it usually needs to be released immediately after a person’s death. If the death is declared too late, there may be problems with the payment of the sum insured. As a rule, a telephone message is sufficient and a copy of the documents can be presented later.

  1. Passwords

The digital heritage should not be forgotten either. Write down the most important passwords to your online and social media accounts. This will make it easier for your loved ones to track you, and they won’t have to send a letter to every business informing them of your death and asking them to delete your account. The list includes not only the passwords of your accounts on the Internet but also the main password of your PC, if it is protected by such a password. Thus, survivors can access all important data, photos, and documents.


  1. Place of storage of important digital documents

If you have backed up additional documents or data to the cloud, you should also put them on the emergency list. So loved ones don’t have to search for them for hours.

What to do with the list?

An emergency list is confidential and should not fall into the wrong hands, especially if it contains passwords or the code for a debit or credit card. However, one or two trusted people can also receive a copy of the list and keep it in a safe place. Another solution is to deposit the emergency list at the bank, where only selected people can access it.

However, the list must be updated regularly. You can do this, for example, at the same time as the annual review of your contracts or your tax return. You can therefore mark an additional date for this purpose in your calendar.

Other important lists or documents:

In addition to an emergency list, some other lists or documents could be useful to loved ones in the event of death:

a list of all valuables; in this way, your loved ones do not have to search everywhere and know immediately where your precious objects are,

a power of attorney for health care; specifying who can make decisions for you if you need help,

end-of-life will

your will.

Even though thinking about your death seems unpleasant or distant at first, it can make your life and the lives of your loved ones easier. It is best to start today with your emergency list and think about what still needs to be clarified, taken care of, or prepared ed.

Moreover, an emergency is not necessarily a death. The theft of your purse, your wallet, or the loss of your mobile phone can also constitute an emergency and make this list necessary.


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