7 mistakes in wedding planning that guests can’t stand

7 mistakes in wedding planning that guests can’t stand

7 mistakes in wedding planning that guests can't stand

No sooner is the engagement ring on your finger than the first thoughts about planning the wedding are swirling around in your head. What dress for the bride? Where will the celebration take place? An intimate ceremony in a small circle or a pompous celebration?

Preparing for a wedding is a particular challenge insofar as one wants to harmonize his wishes with the expectations of his guests at the big event. After all, no couple wants to formalize their love at a boring party.

In order not to have to worry about this, you should avoid the following mistakes. So you can enjoy your party worry-free.

Mistake #1: Thinking Only About Guests

It may sound strange, but it’s crucial: don’t worry too much about what your guests might like or dislike. As long as you feel comfortable at your celebration, so will your guests.

Mark the party with your stamp. Thus it will be unique for the guests and will distinguish itself from the usual monotony of weddings. Are you a country fan? So replace the waltz with something more rhythmic!

Mistake #2: Boredom

Long breaks can affect the mood. The ceremony is at 10 a.m. but the party doesn’t start until 4 p.m. so you can do the wedding photos? No problem as long as you make sure your guests are taken care of and there is minimal entertainment. A little music, snacks, and a photo booth where guests can take funny pictures are usually enough.

Overall, the different parts of the program should be short and to the point. This is also why you should avoid the dreaded “congratulations parade”, in which all the guests follow each other to wish you good luck one after the other. Mingle with the guests when it’s time to toast with champagne, it’s less painful and less time-consuming.

Mistake #3: Too much action

There are endless beautiful traditions and creative activities that can be included in the program. However, only make a small selection ahead of time so guests have time to chat casually. Prioritize quality over quantity.

Mistake #4: Interfering with vacations

The wedding date may not be suitable for everyone. It’s obvious. However, it is better to agree with the closest people in advance to avoid one of them being absent.

However, one thing that guests don’t like at all: are dates that fall on long weekends or during the holiday season, as this will inevitably upset vacation planning.

Mistake #5: Lack of space

Finding a beautiful and affordable wedding venue is not easy. But it should also be suitable for the number of guests and not too cramped. Lack of freedom of movement is one of the most common reasons for a bad mood.

Small rooms require you to sit at long tables and sit on stiff chairs. These two things stifle the conviviality between the guests. It should not be forgotten that the service staff must also be able to reach the seats without hindrance so that orders can be taken quickly.

Better to invite a few fewer people than to lock them all in a small room.

Mistake #6: Having fun

Two families meet at a wedding ceremony, often for the first time. For them to be able to talk to each other, it sometimes takes a little extra action. But beware: no one likes to be forced to have fun.

So be careful with the games you plan that can expose them to ridicule. You can also have fun without anyone having to leave their comfort zone.

Mistake #7: Not thinking about children

7 mistakes in wedding planning that guests can't stand

For children, celebrating a wedding can quickly turn into hell: an endless meal, long speeches, and all this amid unfamiliar faces. And for parents of bored children, such events are not more fun.

Be sure to arrange a nice corner where the little guests feel comfortable and can play or draw undisturbed. It is also important to provide opportunities for them to move freely and safely. The more welcome toddlers feel, the more their parents can get involved in the wedding celebration.

The errors listed here are of course not a set of absolute rules. The better you know your guests and what you want for your wedding, the more relaxed you will be. Every wedding is something special, so rigid patterns are inappropriate.

But to anyone worried about wedding planning, don’t panic! As long as you have the main obstacles in mind, nothing will stop you from celebrating your love in a relaxed and dignified way.

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