6 golden rules for a successful date

The date of the first meeting is fixed: you will finally meet him. You’re stressed, and that’s normal. To help you relax, here are 6 tips for a successful first date.

The pressure of wanting to please him, the anxiety of revealing yourself to a new man or a new woman, there are so many things to manage on a first date. Here are some rules to follow to reassure you. 

Succeed on a date with audacity

  • I choose the place

The meeting place you choose will say a lot about your personality. So think carefully: do you rather like unusual, trendy, cozy or discreet places? It is up to you to make your choice! Also choose a place where you feel confident, but also safe. Preferably a public place, especially if it’s a first date.

  • I’m listening

What better than a first date to get to know your partner? During this first date, show him interest, ask questions about his work, his passions, his conception of the couple, his plans for the future … A good way to know if you are on the same length of waves, or not.

  • I stop putting pressure on myself

Anxious and stressed by this first date? We relativize. This is only a first date, which does not commit to anything. For the rest, we will see later!

Succeed on a date while remaining yourself

  • I take a step back

The perfect man does not exist. The proof? You’ve been looking for it for years and still haven’t found it. Here again, we put things into perspective, the best encounters are often the ones we least expect. 

  • I don’t talk about my exes

Your exes are over. So stop the endless conversations about those who have shared your life. For the first date, we avoid talking about our exes. And we’re not depressed about his single status. Go ahead and project yourself into the future (but not too much!)  

  • I’m having a good time

No need to put pressure on yourself. If you are meant to be together, the magic should work… So relax and make room for infectious joy.

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