4 Reasons why it’s worth traveling alone

4 Reasons why it’s worth traveling alone

Have you ever considered traveling alone? It is indeed really worth it. Many people do want to step out of their comfort zone, but at the same time, it is also very exciting. All by yourself to an unknown place, then you naturally ask something of yourself. You are completely on your own and you just have to manage. That may sound a bit terrifying, but traveling alone is very good for your development.

  1. Free to go wherever you want

Traveling with your partner or friends is great fun, but on your own, you have just a little more freedom. You decide for yourself what you are going to do that day and you are on your own. Do you want to have a coffee, take an extra long walk, or do nothing all day or do you just want to do an exploration? It’s all up to you. You don’t have to discuss anything with anyone and that is very nice.

  1. You get to know yourself better

When you travel alone, you get to know yourself well. You will find out what your limits are and what you might encounter. This is also the time for self-reflection. You have plenty of time to look critically at yourself and take a closer look at your life. Because you are not busy with other things for a while, you can think about what you want.

  1. Connect with others faster

Whether consciously or not: you quickly cling to your travel partner. Sparring with someone can be nice, but at the same time, you also stay in your comfort zone. After all, you always have someone to talk to. If you travel alone, you don’t have that luxury. This allows you to get in touch with other people faster. Even if it’s just to ask for directions or to have a chat in the local coffee shop. There are always more people traveling alone or curious about your adventure. So that’s a good thing in terms of social development.

  1. You step out of your comfort zone

Do X every morning before starting Y: Routines are great for most of us. You know exactly what to expect and you can fall back on your old, trusted habits. So you don’t have to think too much and we always like that. Recognizable? Then we have less good news: because of that, you remain very much stuck in your comfort zone. Get out there and discover what is possible if you dare. As a result, you stimulate yourself, you increase your knowledge, it is good for your personal development and you also challenge yourself.

I want to, but I don’t dare

Getting out of your comfort zone and out on your own are two big steps. You don’t have to jump in at the deep end and book a three-month trip to Bali. Very cool, but maybe a bit much in demand. You can also start with a few days away. You don’t even have to cross the border, Just go

4 Reasons why it's worth traveling alone
4 Reasons why it’s worth traveling alone

out on your own. Visit a city you don’t know yet, have a coffee somewhere and ex,plore the area. Build it up to a night or several days away. This way you can already see what you like, or what you don’t want to do on your own. You have to cross that threshold, but really: there is so much beauty to experience once you do it. So hop on, broaden your horizons and get out there!


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