10 Tips with shoes

10 Tips with shoes

10 Tips with shoes

In the world of shoes, there is something for everyone! It is estimated that 20 billion shoes are produced each year and 300 million pairs are thrown away.

To take advantage of your shoes for as long as possible, here are 10 tips that will allow you to maintain and take care of them for a long time!

1. Sand the base

When the soles of shoes are smooth, it’s like walking on ice, it can be very dangerous. To avoid this, it is advisable to sand the soles to provide a non-slip effect and secure walking.

2. Hot glue on the soles

Another way to add an anti-slip effect to shoes is to hot glue the soles (forming lines, as shown in the photo below).

3. Neutral soap against blisters

Often, new shoes hurt the feet because they are too stiff. To avoid getting blisters, rub soap on the parts that could damage the skin of the feet to make them slippery. 

4. Velcro to prevent chafing

To avoid blisters, Velcro is also the perfect solution. Stick the Velcro strip on the areas likely to injure the skin and you will avoid the formation of blisters.

5. Frozen water against shoes that are too tight

Frozen water fights the problem of new shoes at the root: it makes the shoes looser.

Put a freezer bag filled with frozen water in your shoes (from toe to heel).  Leave the sachet in the shoes for a few hours, so that the water will melt, allowing the shoes to expand and relax.

6. Substitute insoles

If you need insoles but don’t have them at home, replace them with bra pads. Slip them into shoes and your feet will feel the difference.

7. Loosen very tight double knots

If you can’t untie a knot, don’t run straight for scissors. Take the part of the shoelace right next to the knot and twist it to make it stiff. Then pull the shoelace stuck in the knot to loosen it.

8. Baking powder for squeaking shoes

If the shoes squeak not from the sole but the inside, it means that there is moisture in the shoes. In this case, pour a little baking powder inside, having removed the soles beforehand.

The baking powder absorbs moisture and thus prevents squeaking.

9. A leather belt as a shoehorn

Place the perforated end of the belt into the shoe and secure the end with the buckle. Then put your foot in the shoe while removing the belt (at the same time). You will be able to put them on without any problem. 

10. Window cleaner to shine shoes

Rub your shoes with window cleaner and you’ll get rid of stains and streaks.

You now know what to do to maintain your old shoes and prepare your new ones. Hope this is useful to you.

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