10 tips for Protecting dogs, cats, and other pets from heat

10 Tips for Protecting dogs, cats, and other pets from heat

We are not the only ones to suffer from the high temperatures in summer, pets also suffer from the heat. Here are some tips to make summer a little more bearable for animals and protect them from the heat.

Unlike humans, animals like dogs, cats, guinea pigs, and hamsters cannot regulate their body temperature through sweat. Sufficient hydration is therefore essential to the survival of your pet.

Here you can find more heat tips for your pet, whether it’s a dog, cat, or rodent:

Tips for dogs

Many people think dogs can’t sweat. However, this is an error. Dogs sweat only in the paws, especially between the toes. Since this is the only area of ​​the body where dogs have sweat glands, their owners should help them in other ways in the heat.

Frozen toys

Freeze your dog’s toys in a container filled with water. It’s a great way to keep your four-legged friend busy on hot summer days and make the heat a little more bearable.

Dog ice cream

Another option for temporary refreshment is dog ice cream. You can find it in pet stores or even at some ice cream parlors. You can also make dog ice cream yourself. To do this, mix yogurt (without sugar) or low-fat cottage cheese with liver sausage and freeze the mixture in small cups.

Cool off in the water

Almost all dog breeds enjoy bathing. If you have a terrace or a garden, you can install a small children’s pool and offer it to your four-legged friend as a place to swim. Otherwise, there is still the possibility of going to a bathing place suitable for dogs.

For dogs, a wet t-shirt or towel cools them down quickly and effectively. Also, be sure to protect your pet’s muzzle and ears with sunscreen. This measure is especially necessary for dog breeds that are light in color and have sensitive skin.

Avoid drafts

Drafts, on the other hand, do your dog a disservice. It can cause painful eye inflammation.

Tips for cats

Cats also suffer from heat. You may have already noticed that your cat grooms itself particularly intensively on hot summer days. With its saliva, it moistens its coat and thus cools itself. Also, when it’s hot, cats try to avoid unnecessary movement.

Take good care of the coat

In case of heat, it is especially cats with abundant fur that suffer. Daily brushing helps your cat get rid of excess polish.

Create shaded areas

Outdoor cats seek out shady spots on their own on hot summer days. Apartment cats often prefer the bathroom or other rooms with cool tiles in the summer. Leave the doors of these rooms open so that your apartment tiger can retreat to a cool place. It is important not to try to cool the windows by tilting them. Your cat could get stuck in it and, in the worst case, choke.

Watch out for bites

Cats regularly catch wasps or bees. If they are bitten in the summer, a cooling pad or a cloth soaked in vinegar water can reduce the swelling.

Food tips

In summer, you have to be careful with wet food. Don’t leave it outside too long, because flies may lay their eggs in it.

Advice for rodents

Pets like rabbits, guinea pigs, and hamsters also need your help in hot weather.

The right way to cool off

Never position the cage near a fan. Drafts may cause colds or inflammation of the eyes. Instead, you can, for example, wrap a few ice cubes in a towel and place them in the cage to freshen the air.

Provide a small corner of freshness

Another solution for rodents is to build ceramic shelters. You can let them cool a bit in the freezer before placing them in the cage. Rodents also appreciate a sandy space in their cage or enclosure when the weather is hot.

Hot summer days are a huge physical strain for all pets. With these tips, however, you can make the heat more bearable for your pets. Do you know any other tips pet owners should know in the summer?


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