10 Makeup tricks with a spoon

10 makeup tricks with a spoon
10 Makeup tricks with a spoon

If you think a spoon is only for eating soup or yogurt, you are wrong! This utensil can be your best friend when it comes to dressing up: whether it’s used as a stencil, an eyeshadow palette, or a massager, it’s always useful. Here we have listed the top 10 beauty tips with a spoon just for you, take a look:

1) Spoon massage

In the morning, the spoon massage is a wonderful way to wake up and revive your face. The massage stimulates blood circulation, which tightens the skin. You will need different spoons, a glass of ice water, and some oil to wake up and tone your skin.

2) Curl the eyelashes

To give your eyelashes a nice curve, you no longer need to torture yourself with eyelash curlers. Simply place a spoon on the upper edge of the eyelashes and push them upwards with your finger. And There you go!

3) Apply blush

Not sure where to apply your blush? Just take a tablespoon and place it directly on the cheekbone, bulge outward. The bottom edge of the spoon will now show you where to apply the powder.

4) Draw eyebrows

Use a spoon if you need help shaping your eyebrows properly. Place the edge of the spoon under the eyebrow and use it as a template for the perfect curve.

5) Apply mascara to the lower lash line

To apply makeup to your lower lashes, hold the spoon below the lash line with the curve outward then apply the mascara. This simple trick avoids having to remove the mascara later using a cotton swab.

6) Make a mixing palette

If you don’t have the right lipstick, make your own. You need a small amount of petroleum jelly or lip balm and eye shadow in the color of your choice. Mix the two with a brush in the hollow of a tablespoon. Then, simply apply to your lips with your fingers or a brush. Perfect, right?

7) Erase dark circles

If you often have swollen eyes or know you’ll be a little tired the next morning, put two scoops in the freezer overnight. In the morning, you can gently press them on your swollen eyes. With the cold, the vessels contract, and the lymphatic flow is stimulated. It diminishes dark circles and revives your look.

8) Make Marbled Nails

You can also use a spoon to make marbled nails. To do this, place two nail polishes of different colors in the hollow of a spoon then mix them carefully with a toothpick or a hairpin to create a marbled pattern. You can then apply it to your nails using a brush or simply dip your nails gently into the nail polish.

9) Make a line of eyeliner

The spoon can also help you draw your eyeliner line. Use the handle as a ruler and draw a line, at the outer edge, upwards. Then you can use the curve to draw the stroke down. Use the top of the eyelid line already drawn. All you have to do is draw the line between the two.

10) Apply  nail polish

It often happens that part of the nail polish ends up on the fingertip. To avoid this, use a spoon. Place it upside down under the tip of your nail. This will prevent you from painting your skin.

The spoon is truly versatile and not only saves makeup time but also money, as eyelash curlers and other makeup utensils are sometimes superfluous. Now you know what to do!

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