10 Household hacks from grandma

10 Household hacks from grandma

10 Household hacks from grandma

Unfortunately, cleaning is not done by itself and we have always tried to save as much time as possible during housework. So, little by little, some tips and tricks have been developed to make this possible. In this article, you will discover some household hacks from grandma that are still as useful as they were then.

1) Clean scorched pans with soap

A pan isn’t ruined just because it’s a little burnt. To make it look new again, just fill it with water, add a few drops of washing-up liquid and bring the mixture to a boil. Then gently remove the burnt layer with a sponge.

2) Shine silver cutlery with toothpaste

The fact that silver cutlery tends to dull after a while is nothing new. To restore their shine, simply apply a little toothpaste to the cutlery and rub it with a clean cloth. Then, just rinse the set briefly and your silverware will shine like new again.

3) Polish copper pans with ketchup

Do your copper pans also urgently need to be polished? So just use a dash of ketchup for that. All you have to do is put them on a cloth, sprinkle them with salt, and mix everything in the pan. The copper color will shine again with its former glory.

4) Clean jewelry with mineral water

The best way to clean your silver and gold jewelry is to put it in a glass of mineral water and add a few drops of cleaning product. Soak necklaces and bracelets for five minutes, then dry them. You will hardly recognize your jewelry afterward!

5) Remove sticky labels with oil

In order not to spend hours scraping off the remnants of sticky labels on the glass, you can simply use oil for this. To do this, put a little olive oil on a cloth and rub it on the sticky surface. Soon after, the label residue will be easy to remove.

6) Remove stains from white clothes with lemon

Lemon juice and salt are the perfect combinations to remove all stains from your white clothes. The two ingredients are mixed and put on the clothes. After half an hour, rinse the garment with vinegar and warm water and put it in the washing machine as usual.

7) Shake the eggs to see if they are hard

We roughly know the cooking times for an egg to be more or less hard. To find out if your egg is hard, just take it in your hand and shake it gently. If you feel like you’re holding a stone in your hand, the egg yolk is completely cooked.

8) Dust the ceiling fan with a pillowcase

Anyone who owns a ceiling fan knows how quickly the dust accumulates on the blades. If it is then switched on, the dirt spreads throughout the room in no time. To avoid this, the ceiling fan should be cleaned regularly – and it works best with a pillowcase. All you have to do is put the cover on the blades and take it off again. The dust will get stuck in the pillowcase instead of being spread around the room as is the case with traditional feather dusters.

9) Kill weeds with hot water

While flower and vegetable beds beautify your garden, weeds growing between beds are a huge nuisance. But to get rid of it once and for all, all you need is hot water and a tablespoon of salt. Pour the water-salt mixture over the weeds and say goodbye to the annoying brush! However, it is important to ensure that neighboring plants are not affected.

10) Place faded flowers in hot water

If your flowers start to wilt, it is advisable to cut the stems at an angle and place them in boiling water for a few minutes. Then put them back in the water at room temperature as usual and they will start to live again.

Whether it’s annoying weeds, a dusty ceiling fan, or remnants of sticky labels: with these grandmother’s tricks you can solve all your little problems.

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