10 Habits that separate smart people from idiots

10 Habits that separate smart people from idiots

Are you smarter than you think?

To find out, no need to take an IQ test: if you have these 10 habits, you can consider yourself to be part of the elite of intelligent people!

However, you should take into account that it is not always good to be smarter than the people around us.

  1. Smart people keep calm

Many reasons can trigger frustration or nervousness. Smart people sometimes lose their temper and freak out, but this happens less often than people with lower IQs. It will be said that intelligent people have more self-control!

At least that’s what a long study from the University of Michigan has shown. For nearly 22 years, 600 people (parents and children) have been followed and observed. The researchers wanted to know if there was a link between aggressive behavior and a low intelligence quotient. The results showed that children learn very quickly to react with anger and aggression to conflict situations. Thus, growing up in a hostile environment prevents the proper development of the brain.

  1. Smart people don’t think they’re above the rest.

Less intelligent people tend to have a poor perception of their talent. They very often think of themselves above others. According to a study published in the journal Psychological Science, less intelligent people are more homophobic and racist and tend to categorize people prematurely. They are also the type to put others down to get a boost.

Smart people know full well what they’re worth and don’t have to show off to prove it. On the contrary, they tend to help others and rejoice in their success.

  1. Smart people recognize their mistakes.

Take responsibility for mistakes and misconduct? Never the life for people with lower IQ. On the contrary, they blame others for their failures! For children whose parents think mistakes are a deadly sin, brain development is damaged by stress. Indeed, the latter grow up believing that admitting a mistake would be synonymous with the end of the world. The fear of doing anything hinders their learning.

On the other hand, smart people see mistakes as a positive thing to learn from and therefore have no problem recognizing when they make one.

  1. Smart people have empathy

People with lower IQs tend to be selfish and find it difficult to put themselves in other people’s shoes to try to understand them. However, empathy is a quality necessary for the proper functioning of relationships. Less intelligent people never question themselves and always want to be right.

Researchers at Texas Tech University have shown, through a representative study, that intelligent people have a great deal of empathy and tend to devote themselves to others without expecting anything in return. This character trait is surely linked to childhood and education.

Understandably, people who have lived with cold and selfish parents are like them in adulthood. Additionally, growing up in an insensitive environment can be frightening and tiring for children whose brains have to work more for their emotional well-being (i.e., hiding their feelings), than to recognize the feelings of others.

Therefore, a loving environment as well as a positive and open upbringing make all the difference in brain development and impact the whole life!

But on the other hand…

  1. Smart people are anxious and suspicious.

Intelligent people are stressed and thus take time to trust others and make friends, because they analyze everything and imagine everything that could go wrong.

Despite this, when they grant their trust and friendship, the relationships tend to be long-lasting and much more stable than those of less intelligent people.

  1. Smart people are messy.

A study shows that people who place less importance on storage tend to be more creative, willing to try new things, and think big!

  1. Smart people are ruder

Smarter people don’t get upset as much as other people, but when they do, they don’t pretend! They swear more and let their frustration out. It may seem surprising, but a study has shown that vulgarity is a sign of intelligence. But don’t forget that speaking badly is not pretty… 😉

  1. Smart people are late sleepers.

Numerous studies conducted by the London School of Economics have shown that intelligent people stay awake longer than less intelligent people. People with an IQ of 75 went to bed before midnight and those with an IQ of 125 on average did not go to bed before half past midnight. The same for the weekends!

  1. Smart people are lazy

People who sometimes do nothing tend to be smarter than others! They use their free time to think about the world around them, according to a study by Florida Gulf Coast University, while the less intelligent always need to do something to distract themselves.

  1. Smart people use the snooze button more often

Everyone has already experienced this, the alarm clock rings but it is impossible to get up so we press the “repeat” button to postpone the moment of truth as much as possible. No more guilt, a study published in the journal Personality and Individual Differences shows that smart people tended to ignore their alarm clocks more often!

If you’re calm, suspicious, empathetic, messy, lazy, and stay up late, then you’re one of the smart people that make up this society. But if that’s not the case, don’t panic: you probably have more fun than the others and are more orderly and confident, which are essential qualities. But the most important thing, above all, is to be yourself.



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