10 Foods Wrongly Considered Healthy

10 Foods Wrongly Considered Healthy

10 Foods Wrongly Considered Healthy

Summer is approaching and if you want to eat healthier, be careful because you are probably doing it wrong. Indeed, there are many so-called “healthy” products, but they are not at all. We show you:

1. Smoothies

Most commercial smoothies contain added fat and sugar. It is, therefore, best to make it yourself at home with fresh fruits and vegetables.

2. Store-bought salad

If it’s not the pesticides that are bad, it’s sure to be the generous addition of salad dressing that will make this ingredient unhealthy. Ready-to-eat salad dressings are high in sugar, trans fats, and vegetable oils. Opt instead for vegetables from organic farming and balsamic vinegar to season everything.

3. Vegetable crisps

A vast scam since they contain far too much salt and fat, like traditional crisps. So if you have a craving, cut some fresh vegetables and dip them in hummus. There you will eat “healthy.”

4. Vegetarian “meat”

Better be wary of this, because vegetarian meat is full of processed ingredients and too much salt. So choose high-protein foods like beans, lentils, nuts, and eggs.

5. “Light” yogurts

Beware of dreamy words on the labels “light”, “reduced”, and “fat-free”, because once the fats are removed, they are compensated with sugar to add more taste. Some yogurts have more sugar than two donuts… So opt for plain or Greek fruit yogurts.

6. Protein bars

You would think that these are perfect, except that they are not. They are loaded with added sugar and additives. To avoid this, choose those prepared with whole ingredients.

7. Margarine

A healthy alternative to butter? Not quite. Margarine contains a lot of trans fats and refined oils. So many components that increase the risk of cardiovascular disease. So if you use butter, it’s better!

8. Sushi

Tuna or salmon sushi isn’t a problem, it’s the fried versions that are much higher in calories than you’d think. They can contain up to 500 calories. So take sashimi if you’re counting your calories…

9. Dried fruits

Certainly, the latter is rich in fiber, but they are also full of added sugar and sulfur for preservation, which makes them 3 times more caloric. Nothing like fresh fruit!

10. Granola

Granola is good for a quick snack, except that those sold in stores contain way too much sugar, more than a can of Coke, that is to say! Also, it is better to opt for a homemade version!

So never rely on advertising campaigns that always want to sell you dreams, especially at this time of year. Always opt for simplicity and natural products. You are never better served than by yourself after all, right?

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