10 Foods that cause unpleasant body odor

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10 Foods that cause unpleasant body odor

If you are bothered by someone’s smell, it may be because they ate something bad. The choice of food significantly affects body odor. Fresh onions, garlic, or salami not only cause bad breath but digesting them also has a big influence on your smell.

Therefore, it is better to avoid these foods if you do not want others to be bothered by your smell:

1. Tomatoes

British scientist Charles Stewart proved that unpleasant body odor can accompany the consumption of tomatoes. He noticed that his sweat smelled like tomato seed oil and began to investigate this occurrence. This is how the smell of sweat came from the terpenes and carotenoids in the tomatoes. By the way, this is also true for other vegetables that contain a lot of terpenes. Therefore, always eat your favorite vegetables in moderation, if you don’t want to give off an unpleasant smell.

2. Peppers and onions

Excessive consumption of chili peppers and spicy foods, in general, stimulates circulation and increases sweat production. If the sweat then encounters bacteria, the evaporation leads to unpleasant odors. But the essential oils contained in onions are also excreted through the skin and liver and cause bad mouth and body odor.

3. High fiber products

High-fiber foods such as cereals, legumes, and nuts are very important for the daily energy needs of the body and the digestive system. However, if you eat too much of it, it causes flatulence. Large amounts of hydrogen, carbon dioxide, and methane are formed and the body must get rid of them. The gases then cause an unpleasant smell. If you can’t do without it, drink plenty of water to reduce the negative effects.

4. Fish

Fish contains high amounts of vitamin A. Varieties such as trout and tuna are also high in vitamin B4, which can cause a strong fishy odor when consumed in excess. This phenomenon is called fishy odor syndrome and can only be treated with a certain diet and medication.

5.  Dairy products

Surprisingly, Southeast Asians and almost all Native American tribes suffer from lactose intolerance. Their bodies only produce small amounts of the enzyme lactase, which is why dairy consumption leads to high gas production, a very bloated belly, and flatulence. Also, some people’s sweat may smell like cabbage or maple syrup because they cannot digest certain components of milk. Those who have no problem digesting dairy products can eat them without hesitation and will not smell an unpleasant odor afterward.

6. Peas

If one were to make a list of foods most likely to cause bloating, peas would be at the top. The proteins they contain are difficult to digest, and some of them end up directly in the intestine, which increases gas production. That doesn’t mean you should cut peas out of your diet though, as they’re rich in vitamins B, B2, PP, A, and C and high in iron, fluoride, and hydrochloric acid. To avoid bloating and odor, soak them in water for 8 hours before eating.

7. Red meat

Red meat is also responsible for the development of unpleasant odors, as it is difficult to digest. It remains in the digestive system for a very long time, which stimulates the growth and spread of bacteria. This leads to a bad smell of sweat and bad breath, especially in men. Even eating red meat twice a week can hurt your body odor. Poultry, on the other hand, is less impactful and can serve as an alternative if you don’t want to give up meat. 

8. Radish and horseradish

Radishes and horseradish have a fairly intense smell. It also spreads in the body after consumption. The breath persists for hours. Cooking the vegetables reduces the smell somewhat. Unfortunately, important ingredients for the body are lost in the process.

9. Tea and coffee

On the one hand, black tea and coffee boost the metabolism and make you sweat, on the other hand, the high acidity leads to dry mouth and increased bacteria production, which causes bad breath. It is, therefore, preferable to drink herbal teas if you want to avoid unpleasant odors. Herbal teas also do not affect the central nervous system and provide relaxation at the same time.

10. Curry and cumin

You also have to be careful with curry and cumin when it comes to body odor. Because as healthy as these two spices are, they clog the pores and you still have a very particular smell on you, even several days after consumption. Instead, use ginger, tortilla, or cardamom to season your food.

If even the most thorough shower and the best deodorant don’t help, the causes of strong body odor could be due to poor diet. By choosing the right foods, you can directly contribute to preventing the appearance of unpleasant odors.

Body odor can of course also be a sign of illness. In this case, you must have yourself examined by your family doctor.

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