10 Cleaning tips the pros are hesitant to reveal

10 Cleaning tips the pros are hesitant to reveal

10 Cleaning tips the pros are hesitant to reveal

Even if everyone has developed their own technique for cleaning their interior, the cleaning chore often takes a lot of time. To be as fast as the professionals, tricks can help you, but maintenance workers are reluctant to reveal them. They are easy to reproduce and cleaning becomes a breeze.

A little advice in advance: avoid terry cloths or polyester cloths when cleaning, as they often dust more than they remove. Professional cleaners swear by microfiber cloths.

1. Vacuum correctly

When you vacuum do you always start in the back corner of the room? Well stop! The ideal is to vacuum first where there is a lot of traffic. We start from the outside to go inwards and start again on the outsides, so as to vacuum twice on the dirtiest areas. It’s also very important to vacuum slowly to make sure it picks up all the dirt.

2. Have a toothbrush always at hand

You should always have an old toothbrush handy when cleaning, as it’s the perfect tool to get into every nook and cranny. Dip it in the detergent and use it to clean stains in the corners and around the edges.

3. Shaving foam for metal

Shaving foam is a real all-purpose weapon around the house and can fight against stains on clothes and upholstery, but also against dirt on metals and tiles. Thanks to its water-repellent effect, it is a good alternative to the classic cleanser. Unsightly limescale stains are removed and the bathroom shines again. This also applies to the mirror, where the shaving foam has a double effect and prevents fogging.

4. To clean the ceramic hob

To clean your ceramic hob after milk, for example, has boiled over, use the dishwasher tablets. To do this, dissolve one of the pellets in hot water to form a kind of paste. Then apply to the ceramic hob and let it act for 15 minutes. Use a brush or sponge to remove the dirt then wipe it off with a damp cloth.

5. Vacuum before damp mopping

Logic do you think? Not for everyone, so a little reminder is good! Hair is, for example, difficult to remove from the floor. It is therefore necessary to vacuum before mopping. You should also always start in a corner and end in the doorway.

6. Soap for mirrors

Soap can prevent the bathroom mirror from fogging up after showering. Take a piece of dry soap and rub it evenly over your mirror to leave a thin layer. Then polish the mirror with a soft cloth until it shines again. This coat needs to be renewed after a few weeks, but it will save you a lot of time if you want your mirror to stay clean after a shower.

7. Up and down

Cleaners know that the right way to clean should always be from top to bottom. When you have to do your spring cleaning or other major jobs, the floor is the last thing to clean. So dust and dirt won’t settle on surfaces you’ve been on before.

8. The bathroom at the end

Start by cleaning the bedroom and only clean the bathroom at the very end. In this way, you can prevent bacteria from the room from unintentionally spreading throughout the apartment.

9. Ketchup for polishing

Besides being a popular sauce, ketchup is also great for polishing. Spread a thin and even layer on the surface and let it act for 10 minutes. Then you need to rub with regular movements. To avoid long-term side effects, wash off immediately with hot water afterwards.

10. Tie the cable together

Electrical cables are a real dust magnet. If they are lying on the ground, dust accumulates there quickly. This is why you must tie your cables neatly and even, if possible, do not lay them on the ground.

You can never have enough tips for cleaning your house. After all, efficient cleaning not only saves time but also spares the nerves. 

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