10 Amazing tips and tricks to live better during your unemployment period

10 Amazing tips and tricks to live better during your unemployment period

10 Amazing tips and tricks to live better during your unemployment period

It may seem redundant, but the unemployment situation is still a taboo subject that we must break. Too many people experience this period with anguish and distress when it must be experienced as a transition before a new start. To see more clearly, both in the changes introduced in recent weeks by the government and in the organization of your daily life, here are 10 tips and advice to make the best of

1. An update on the situation: what changes on October 1st 

With the multiple reforms of the Macron government, it is difficult to navigate the new agreement concerning unemployment benefits and insurance. Here are the changes that interest you in a nutshell: 

your unemployment. 

The reform increases to 88 the number of days worked necessary to benefit from the allowances. We used to count 122 calendar days, which means that we no longer count weekends or public holidays.

On the other hand, from now on, people over 50 are entitled to a compensation period of 3 years instead of 2. 

In addition, the employers’ contribution increases by 0.05%, but it is no longer increased for fixed-term contracts. 

2. Forget about “withdrawal”, “shame” and “social death”. 

The unemployed isolate themselves, even though they are not alone, and above all, they are not considered so bad after all. Rarely, a person does not know a period of unemployment in his life. You don’t have to be ashamed. Speak! Talk about your situation and your difficulties to your friends and family.

Everyone’s advice is good to take, and we must avoid making it a taboo subject. You could also be surprised to loosen your tongues in the face of each other’s experiences. To counter loneliness, also go to work in co-working cafes or libraries! 

3. Give yourself time. 

No, the unemployed do not “twiddle their thumbs” as some gossip may think. On the contrary, they have their work cut out for them. But looking for a new job also requires having self-confidence, being rested, and putting yourself in the conditions for a fresh start.

Also, do other activities at the same time, and for once, think about yourself and take care of yourself! Starting a new concrete project can be a driving force for your days and will save you from stressing about not finding a job or feeling useless. New construction in the garden, a desire to read, to start a new language… each small and big success is good for morale. 

4. Find a rhythm. 

Waking up at the same time every morning, during “work” and “break” periods, is what will help you considerably to keep the right rhythm. And for your loved ones, it will be the way to say “you see, I’m not losing my mind, I have the schedule that I respect”. 

5. Don’t blame yourself.

Feeling guilty is useless, but it can be good to ask the right questions. What are my skills, and what jobs can I aim for? A skills assessment is also the first thing to do when looking for a job. It can tell you things about yourself that you didn’t even know existed. 

6. In case of overpayment. 

It happens that Pôle Emploi delivers more benefits than expected. In case of overpayment, keep this money aside because sooner or later you will be asked for it. And remember to quickly inform the center when your situation changes to avoid getting into debt. 

7. Train yourself.

Why not take advantage of this time to train in a new skill that could have great weight on the CV? A truck license, the basics of a new language, mastery of computer tools… This can prove to be the “little extra” that will make the difference during the job interview! 

8. Think big. 

It is not compulsory to find a job in the same category of trade as your previous years.

See bigger! It may be that you are passionate about painting and that the national education system recruits Plastic Arts teachers, for example…

9. Keep your eyes and ears open. 

Finding a job is also done by talking to those around you about your new availability on the job market. Always have CVs on hand, and reconnect with your contacts! 

10. Make your Employ adviser a colleague and not an enemy. 

Yes, your advisor is overwhelmed, and no, he can’t give you much time. But if you present yourself as an efficient and willing person, he will be much more inclined to help you find a job. Do not refuse any help, even that of the State.

These ten tips are here to lift your spirits and keep you moving forward. Unemployment is a phase, which sounds unpleasant at first, but from which you can learn a lot. Unemployed, be proud of yourselves! 

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